Upcoming shows

Has it been a long a week already with post-SXSW and St. Pat’s Festivities? Well, channel that inner-rock star and make it out for a Sweet Lou-less rock and roll show at the Saxon Pub tonight. Kevin and Krew will deliver all of your favorite rock tunes old and new on a full moon Tooooosday night.10p.

Friday night McVein takes the solo and a half act down to the sauce factory called Stubb’s BBQ, for an opening slot with the one, the only, non-bastard son of James Taylor. That’s right, Ben Taylor may not sing winter spring summer or fall, but if you want to hear a Shat Records, McVein or even Soulhat fave, all you have to do is call. 10p.

As you probably well know, usually we are giving something away in these little emails, be it CDs, knowledge or secrets of the Egyptian Kingdom. It’s your turn to tell us what you want. Email eroths_78703_at_hotmail.com and see what kind of freebie is instore for this week. -via The Associate