Steamboat Reunion to raise money for Johnny Walker

The Austin American Statesman is reporting there will be a Steamboat Reunion in June to raise money for longtime-friend Johnny Walker, who recently suffered a stroke. Michael Corcoran says “After hearing that former KLBJ-FM radio host Johnny Walker, beloved among the hard rock crowd, had suffered a stroke, former Steamboat owner Danny Crooks started making some phone calls. ‘Wanna play a benefit for Johnny?’ The answer was, generally, ‘just tell us when and where.’

The show will be at Threadgill’s on June 8, with such Steamboat alums as Soulhat, Steamroller, Pushmonkey and Breedlove pledging their support. There’s also talk of Sister 7 reuniting and Bob Schneider might even get back with Joe Rockhead. This is all early talk and things could change, but it looks to be one heckuva blowout. For a guy who supported all those bands when they were starting out.”

Could this be the resurrection of Little Joe Soul (if only for a night)? Time will tell.