Soulhat reunion part of Antone’s 30th anniversary line-up

JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT IT WAS SAFE TO GO BACK IN THE WATER … it’s the 30th anniversary of Antone’s, Austin’s Home of the Blues!

Highlighting this year’s 30th anniversary line-up of artists at Antone’s are The Scabs, Vallejo, Guy Forsyth, a reunion of the band Storyville, and apparently — now please don’t fall out of your chair — another set of Soulhat reunion shows! And this is the real deal, folks: Soulhat will reunite for two very special performances: Thursday, July 7th, will feature an acoustic-flavored show, followed by Friday night’s (July 8) no-holds-barred electric set. These shows will feature the classic Soulhat line-up: Kevin McKinney (vocals, guitars), Bill Cassis (guitars), Barry ‘FROSTY’ Smith (drums) and Brian Walsh (bass guitar). This will be the first time this line-up has played together in public since their first two ‘reunion’ shows at Austin’s legendary Liberty Lunch in December, 1996.

Tickets go on sale in Austin on 6/16 through Star Tickets. We know we’re getting the word out late, but we want you to know ASAP so Soulhat fans will have a chance to snatch-up their tickets to shows that will almost surely sell-out before July.