RIP E.R. Shorts

Texas mourns the loss of local musician E.R. Shorts, who died in his sleep last Friday (12/5). Longtime Soulhat fans undoubtedly remember Shorts as the bass thumping Houston native who shocked local Austin scenesters by winning the only SXSW (South By Southwest) “battle of the bands” in 1990, along with the help of Bill Cassis & Kevin McKinney on guitars (and whom were singlehandedly thrust into Austin’s spotlight then and there). Shorts went on to become a local favorite who played with scores of musicians, including well, frankly, just about everyone who’s anyone in Austin.

After battling personal demons throughout the 90s, Shorts had been staging a local comeback with a new band, as of late. He is survived by his mother, Emma Shorts, a pastor in Richmond; and sons Enrique and Ennis Jr. For more, please click here to read the local rag’s take on Shorts.