You can visit Soulhat Web’s gallery of Soulhat concert art. Or our reproduction of the Steamboat Gallery to see some photos of the band. Note: the links don’t work on the Steamboat Gallery, since their web site shut down after the club closed for business. We only grabbed that one page.

View the Sony press releases from the re-release of Outdebox and Good to Be Gone. Or if you’re looking for more biographical information about the band, try our Biography links.

Reconstructed Vitae
Read Frosty’s resume and discography.

The Bonecrusher
You asked for it, you got it…the lyrics to Bonecrusher. Not for the more easily offended of us. Did we get it right? Several of you have different interpretations of the lyrics. Guess we can always change them. Let us know how you feel. There’s also tablature available now, courtesy of

We used to post setlists. But we’re really bad with setlists. You are welcome to submit them, however as we will be unable to attend every performance.

Live Taping
Soulhat currently allows live taping of their shows. Audience recordings only (no soundboards) are encouraged by the band. Venues may have their own policies, though, so try to be flexible. Soulhat’s taping policy is outlined on the Bands That Allow Taping web page.

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