Public Domain Protest Song

Adam McKay, film director and co-founder (with Will Ferrell) of Funny or Die, announced a new music project this morning called Public Domain Protest Song.

According to Adam, “Music is an entertainment slash art form that doesn’t suffer B.S. well…but other than Green Day we haven’t had a lot of protest music over the past few decades….I’m always amazed how even small local bands stay away from the fact that our country is being ripped off, polarized and lied to by huge corporations that don’t pay taxes and weirdo billionaires who inherited all their money. Finally some musician friends of mine in Austin, Texas (the home of music as far as I’m concerned) called my bluff and said, “If you write the lyrics we’ll record the songs.” So we did. The band is called English Teeth (Kevin Hoetger, Kevin McKinney, and Kyle Crusham)…we recorded for four days in Austin and it was a blast. And just like that we were ready to release our EP of protest music.”

Their site – Public Domain Protest Song – launched today and features a free download of the EP they recorded along with an encouragement for other artists to do the same. Entertainment Weekly has already picked-up on the story, and we suspect that many others will as well.