New album news

At the Mercury show on 5/28 Kevin announced that the new album would be out in “a couple of months.” The release date is now set to be July 17 & the title is “Experiment on a Flat Plane”. The record will be released by Atlanta-based Terminus Records, home of acts like Big Ass Truck and Col. Bruce Hampton (of Aquarium Rescue Unit and Fiji Mariner fame). We are supposed to get a preview listening session in the near future and will give you all the details we can, once we’ve heard it. If you have Shockwave installed, you can view the new album’s cover and download samples (if you have a fast connection) from at least two of the new album’s tracks at the Terminus web site.

The tour schedule has been updated for the summer, except for Colorado dates. At this time, the band is scheduled to play on 6/30 at the Double Diamond in Steamboat Springs and 7/1 at the Aggie in Fort Collins. Kevin also said that they’re doing Aspen and Boulder, but we’ll have to get back to you on the dates.