Who feels the McVeinia? If you don’t, you really need to. Really. Luckily, there are several opportunities to getcha some good time rock and roll. And you don’t even have to venture away from cozy confines of your home or office. But we here in McVeinland don’t completely encourage this hermetic behavior. Here in McVeinland, we want to see you live and in person, so we recommend that you come see Kevin live and in person. Kevin McKinney EN VIVO at Tambaleo (302 Bowie) this Thursday. He’ll be on around 10pm and play til they make ’em stop. As always, he’ll be taking requests. With the Hancock Golf Tournament just around the corner, Kevin will also be searching out a caddy. Kevin is defending his championship, so be ready to exhibit some wherewithall about the greens. If you can’t wait for Thursday to get your McVeinia fix, check out for some unreleased tracks, spanning the history books of Austin rock and roll. Songs from the Batcave will be updated with all sorts of rare gems penned and played by Kevin McKinney – man, myth, golfer.