Frosty retires

As we’re sure some of you know already, Barry “Frosty” Smith has retired from Soulhat. His last show with the band was on 1/22 at Austin’s Saxon Pub. Last weekend, Soulhat played two out-of-town gigs with the drummer from Jerry Seinfeld’s favorite local band, the Scabs, though it appears the next gigs will be played with yet ANOTHER drummer.

Despite the undeniable fact that Frosty’s last departure from Soulhat (in 1994) shortly preceded the breakup of the band, Kevin seems to be pretty excited about experimenting with new people. He told us that the Satellite Lounge show last weekend was their best gig in Houston in a couple of years. And though we can’t be anything but shocked and saddened by Frosty’s decision, let’s hope they find a way to make this work.

There are no plans to cancel any more gigs, so we expect that the current “live dates” list is as correct as it will be for the month of February. Sorry, but no word yet on whether this will be a speedbump for the release date of the new LP that was scheduled to be in stores by the Spring. For those of you who’ve been asking, yes, Frosty performs on the entirety of the new album. But we don’t know much else. We’ll share any further details about it as soon as we get them.