Unofficial Bio
written by a Soulhat fan, incorporating stories and early press donated by many dedicated Soulhat fans. Considered mostly an oral (and thus sentimental) record, though not a complete one. Seldom updated.

Outdebox Press Release
written well after the album’s initial release or even the re-release on September 28, 1993, this Sony press piece is just plain filled with information.

Good to Be Gone Press Release
more Sony exposition on Soulhat.

Austin Chronicle‘s Dec. ’94 “Good to Be Gone” feature
an extensive and occasionally abusive article, written by someone who apparently interviewed the band on a bad week. Well written stuff, for the most part, by a non-fan (at least gives presence of objectivity you may not find in other press), this piece has some interesting tidbits about the history of the band and some great quotes.

Frosty’s C.V.
well, it’s not written out all pretty-like, but we’ve finally cleaned up Frosty’s résumé.

Soulhat FAQ
if these other links didn’t answer your question, maybe you should read the FAQ. If that doesn’t help, let us know.

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