Austin Music Awards 2000

We suck, we know. No updates for a month, but it’s been a busy one in Austin with SXSW and the Austin Music Awards wrapping up last week. We’re busy gathering information on upcoming shows and will be updating the site this weekeend. Hope to get some more media linked for y’all, too. So please stay tuned.

As you may or may not have heard, the Austin Music Awards were given on 3/17. Here’s how Soulhat fared:

Band of the Year — 19. Soulhat (just below Kelly Willis and just above Toni Price)

Male vocals — 19. Kevin McKinney

Rock Band of the Year — 7. Soulhat

Drums — 4. Frosty

The band was a recommended “sleeper” at this year’s other-than-SXSW activities. You can read a little ’bout that by clicking here. To read more of the madness, visit the Austin Chronicle’s web site of winners.